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Guy v. City of San Diego


August 5, 2008


The opinion of the court was delivered by: Hon. Jeffrey T. Miller, United States District Judge


Plaintiff moves to retax costs pursuant to Local Rule 54.1(h). Defendants oppose the motion. For the reasons set forth below, the court retaxes costs in favor of Plaintiff and against Defendants in the amount of $9,308.34.

On February 19, 2008 the jury returned a verdict acquitting all Defendants except defendant Officer David Maley. The jury originally awarded Plaintiff zero dollars but, following a supplemental jury instruction, the jury returned a supplemental special verdict awarding Plaintiff one dollar in nominal damages. On May 12, 2008 the court denied Plaintiff's for new trial and denied Plaintiff's motion for attorney's fees and non-taxable costs. The order denying the motion for attorney's fees and non-taxable costs created confusion concerning Plaintiff's taxable costs because the motion for non-taxable costs also included a request for taxable costs. The Clerk then inadvertently construed the order as a denial of taxable costs as well as non-taxable costs.

Plaintiff, as the prevailing party, is entitled to an award of taxable costs. Farrar v. Hobby, 506 U.S. 103 (1992): L.R. 54.1. The court grants in part and denies in part Plaintiff's request for taxable costs:

* Fees for Exemplification and Copies of Papers - All requested fees are granted except for the request in the amount of $1,030.95 for "In-house copies for trial and expert review". This amount is denied pursuant to LR 54.1(b)(6)(c).

* In "Other Costs" plaintiff seeks $6,250.00 for expert fees.

Pursuant to LR54.1(b)(4)(d) these costs are denied. Courier Delivery/Filing Fees are not taxable costs pursuant to LR 54.1, the amount of $487.75 is denied.

* Pursuant to LR54.1(b)(4)(a) - witness fees are allowable in the amount of $40.00 per day.

* Subpoena preparation fees are not recoverable pursuant to LR 54.1.

* Rush fees on service of subpoenas/summons are not taxable pursuant to LR54.1.

* Bad address fees are not recoverable pursuant to LR 54.1.

* Witness Fee Advance charges are not recoverable pursuant to LR 54.1.

* Waiting Time is not a chargeable fee pursuant to LR 54.1.

Based upon L.R. 54.1, Costs are taxed as follows:

DescriptionAmount(s) RequestedAmount(s) Taxed Fees of the clerk$320.00$320.00 Fees for service of summons and subpoenas$4,626.90$2,048.64 Fees of the court reporter   Fees and disbursements for printing   Fees for witnesses$1,714.94$520.00 Fees for exemplification and copies$2,484.72$1,453.77 Docket fees under 28 U.S.C. § 1923   Costs incident to taking of depositions   Costs as shown on mandate of Court of Appeals   Other costs as itemized:   Expert Fees$6,250.00$0.00 Courier Delivery/Filing Fee$487.75$0.00 Trial Exhibits$1,762.53$1,762.53 Deposition Transcripts$3,203.40$3,203.40 TOTAL COSTS TAXED in favor of Anthony Guy$20,850.24$9,308.34

In sum, the court taxes costs against Defendants and in favor of Plaintiff in the amount of $9,308.34. Attached as Exhibit 1 is the work sheet for determining taxable costs. The court notes that Plaintiff's request for taxable costs is not presented in the most coherent fashion as the request includes both taxable and non-taxable costs.


Bill of Costs Worksheet - Service of Summons and Subpoena - Witness Fees

Invoice #WitnessAllowableDenied  Record-Related Courier Services/Subpoenaed Records   548474David Maley    Basic Charge & Fuel Charge$40.95   Subpoena Preparation Fee $25.00  Rush Fee $15.00  Tax$3.18$1.15 548475Kevin Friedman    Basic Charge & Fuel Charge$40.95   Subpoena Preparation Fee $25.00  Rush Fee $15.00  Tax$3.18$1.15 548477Richard Garcia    Basic Charge & Fuel Charge$40.95   Subpoena Preparation Fee $25.00  Rush Fee $15.00  Tax$3.18$1.15 OOS14235-01Hornblower Cruises and Events    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$38.45   Same Day Service & Bad Address $48.20 00S14236-01Hard Copy (San Diego CA)    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$38.45   Same Day Service $24.50 00S14237-01Hard Copy (Los Angeles CA)    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$62.45   Same Day Service $68.25  Fax/Copies$15.00  00S14240-01Quest Diagnostic-Clinical    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$38.45   Same Day Service $12.25 00S14241-01DONALD SHANAHAN    Process Service & Fuel Charge$38.45   Same Day Service $12.25 544152No Invoice Attached (Second Image)    Unknown charges $59.26  TOTALS$363.64$348.16  Refer to Chart Provided by Plaintiff   00S43176-01Leza Campbell    Service Fee & Fuel Surcharge$50.45  00S43186-01Brian Carey    Bad address & fuel surcharge$99.50  00S43178-01Jacob Coffey c/o Michael Marrinan    Additional Entity & Fuel Surcharge$29.45  00S44791-02Unknown Person to be Served (invoice does not reflect recipient of Subpoena) (Jacob Coffey)    Attempts & Fuel Surcharge$50.45  00S44791-016457 Tilia Place Carlsbad CA (recipient not named on invoice) (Jacob Coffey)    Bad Address $45.95  Bad Address $45.95  Fuel Surcharge $4.50 00S44791-03Unknown -Service Cancelled by Client    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $50.45 00S43181-01Thomas A. Collins    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$50.45  00S43175-01Anna Dale    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45  00S44766-01Anna Dale    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45  00S43174-01Stanley Dale (Returned Unserved)    Additional Non Service & Fuel Surcharge $10.25 00S44765-01Stanley Dale    Additional Entity & Fuel Surcharge$29.45  00S43211-01Sgt. Robert Dare    Additional Entity$24.95   Fee Advance Charge $15.00  Witness Fees$40.00$110.00 00S44764-01Officer Robert Dare    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45  00S44826-01Amol Doshi, MD    Additional Entity & Fuel Surcharge$29.45   Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43202-01Eric Drilling (Officer)    Addl Entity$24.95   Fee Advance Charge $15.00  Witness Fees$40.00$110.00 00S43180-01Adrian Dudley    Additional Entity & Fuel Surcharge$29.45  00243184-01Rhett Ebert    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45  00S44771-01Rhett Ebert (Service cancelled by client)    Attempt and Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S44769-01Brian Fern (service cancelled by client)    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43251-01Chad Fondiller (not found - returned unserved)    N/W Attempts and Fuel Surcharge $215.25   00S43214-01Sgt. Kevin Friedman    Additional Entity & Fuel Surcharge$29.45  00S44761-01Sgt Kevin Friedman    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45  00S44760-01Officer Richard Garcia    Process Service & Fuel surcharge$40.45  00S43213-01Officer Richard Garcia    Additional Entity & Fuel Surcharge$29.45  00S44827-01Greg Gastaldo    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45   Witness Fee$40.00$20.00  Mileage$11.64  00S44767-01Martin Greenberg MD    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45   Witness Fees$40.00$20.00  Mileage$11.64  00S43179-01William Hockett    Additional Entity & Fuel Surcharge$29.45  00S43204-01Officer Scott Holslag    Additional Entity$24.95   Witness Fee$40.00$110.00  Fee Advance Charge $15.00 00S44763-01Officer Scott Holslag    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45  00S44935-01Sgt Ken Hubbs (Name not reflected on invoice)    Waiting Time $17.50  Process Service & Fuel Charge$40.45   Fee Advance Charge $15.00  Witness Fee$40.00$110.00 00S43208-01Captain Dan Johnson (returned unserved)    Additional Entity, Attempt & Fuel Surcharge $65.40 00S43182-01Michael Kelley (returned unserved)    Attempts & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S44789-01Chief William Lansdowne    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45   Fee Advance Charge $15.00  Fee Advance (Witness Fees)$40.00$110.00 00S43250-01Alexander Lim (returned unserved)    N/W Bad Address & Fuel Charge $255.25 00S44825-01Deborah Loehr    Bad Address $35.95  Process Service & Fuel Charge$40.45   Witness Fees$40.00$20.00  Mileage$11.64  00S43209-01Captain Boyd Long    Process Service & Fuel Charge$40.45   Fee Advance Charge $15.00  Witness Fees$40.00$110.00 00S43215-01Officer David Maley    Process Service & Fuel Charge$40.45  00S44759-01Officer David Maley    Process Service & Fuel Charge$40.45  00S44768-01Karin Maurer MD (service cancelled by client)    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43183-01Manuel May (returned unserved)    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S45203-01Gayle Mayer    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45   Non-Routine Service $29.95 00S43193-01Gregory Meister (returned unexecuted)    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43169-01John Merchant (returned unserved)    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43190-01Scott David Milke (returned unserved)    Attempts & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S44934-01Tom Neuman, MD    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45  00S44792-01David Norman    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge $50.45 00S43187-01David Norman    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S45184-01Robert Peary (returned unserved)    Non-Routine Service, Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge$70.40  00S43177-01Louis Pepiton    Additional Entity and Fuel Surcharge$29.45  00S44790-01Louis Pepiton    Bad Address & Fuel surcharge$94.50  00S44790-02Louis Pepiton    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45   Nonroutine Service $39.95 00S45202-01Marc Piro    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45   Non-Routine Service $29.95 00S43171-01Marjorie Ribeiro (returned unserved)    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43170-01Vinicus Ribeiro (returned unserved)    N/W Non Service & Fuel Surcharge $170.25 00S44787-01Michael Romna (Roman)    Process Service & Fuel Charge$40.45   Fee Advance Charge $15.00  Witness Fees$40.00$110.00 00S43198-01Roman (Last name unknown) (returned unserved)    Attempt & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43212-01Scott Seaman (returned unserved)    Attempt & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S44770-01Jennifer Serrano MD    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45  00S43173-01Allison Shaw (returned unserved)    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43172-01Brian Shaw (returned unserved)    Additional Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $20.25 00S43194-01Steven Smith (returned unserved)    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43195-01Steven Smith (returned unserved)    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $50.45 00S44793-01Steven Smith    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$50.45  00S43189-01Matthew Spaulding (returned unserved)    Attempts & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43185-01Bryant T. Stephenson (returned unserved)    Additional Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $20.25 00S43188-01Lisa Stephenson (returned unserved)    Bad Address & Fuel Surcharge $40.45 00S43197-02Stacey Thorpe    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45  00S44788-01Stacy Thorpe    Addl Entity and Fuel Surcharge$29.45   Fee Advance Charge $15.00  Witness Fee Advance$40.00$110.00 00S43191-01Adam Vincej (returned unserved)    Addl Non Svc & Fuel Surcharge $20.25 00S43206-01Sgt Pat Vinson    Addl Entity$24.95   Fee Advance Charge $15.00  Witness Fees$40.00$110.00 00S44762-01Sgt Pat Vinson    Process Service & Fuel Surcharge$40.45  00S43192-01Josh Warren (returned unserved)    Addl Non Svc and Fuel Surcharge $20.25 00S44786-01Christine Ziegler    Addl Entity & Fuel Surcharge$29.45   Fee Advance Charge $15.00  Witness Fee Advance$40.00$110.00 00S43196-01Ziegler (unknown first name) (returned unserved)    Attempt & Fuel Surcharge$40.45   SUMMARYAllowableDenied  Witness Fees$520.00$1,160.00  Mileage$34.92   Service Fee (from plaintiff's chart)$1,637.30$2,230.10  Service of Summons and Complaint$47.70   Service of Subpoenas for Records$363.64$348.16  TOTALS$2,603.56$3,738.26


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