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Hansen Beverage Co. v. CytoSport

July 15, 2009


The opinion of the court was delivered by: Hon. Valerie Baker Fairbank



Plaintiff/Counterdefendant Hansen Beverage Company ("Hansen") and Defendant/Counterclaimant CytoSport, Inc. ("CytoSport"), recognizing that each may have confidential business, financial, and/or trade secret information relevant to the subject matter of this lawsuit that would otherwise be subject to discovery, have agreed to this Protective Order on the terms set forth below. It appearing to the Court that the parties have agreed to the terms of an appropriate Protective Order to govern discovery proceedings in this action,


1. This Order shall apply to all information produced during discovery in this action that shall be designated by the party or person producing it as "Confidential" or "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" (collectively "Confidential Information"). This Order shall not apply to information that, before disclosure, is properly in the possession or knowledge of the party to whom such disclosure is made, or is public knowledge. The restrictions contained in this Order shall not apply to information that is, or after disclosure becomes, public knowledge other than by an act or omission of the party to whom such disclosure is made, or that is legitimately acquired from a source not subject to this Order.

2. If an exhibit, pleading, interrogatory answer, or admission (collectively "discovery response"), document or thing (collectively "document or thing"), or a deposition transcript, other transcript of testimony, or declaration or affidavit (collectively "testimony") contains information considered confidential by a party, such exhibit, pleading, discovery response, document or thing, or testimony shall be designated "Confidential" or "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" by the party contending there is confidential information therein.

3. In connection with an exhibit, pleading, discovery response, document or thing, testimony or other court submission, the legend "Confidential" or "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" (in such a manner as will not interfere with the legibility thereof) shall be affixed before the production or service upon a party.

4. As a general guideline, a document should be designated "Confidential" when it contains confidential business, technical or other information that may be reviewed by the Receiving Party, the parties' experts, and other representatives, but must be protected against disclosure to third parties. A document may be designated "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" only when it contains the following highly sensitive information: financial information; cost information; pricing information; sales information; customer, license, supplier, and vendor information; software and firmware for a party's products; technical and development information about a party's products; comparative product test results; business plans; marketing strategies; new product plans and competitive strategies; or any other information that would put the Producing Party at a competitive disadvantage if the information became known to employees of the Receiving Party or third parties. Any document or thing labeled as "Trade Secrets/Commercially Sensitive" by either party in connection with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceeding Hansen Beverage Company v. CytoSport, Inc., Opposition No. 91175473, shall be subject to this Order and shall be treated as "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" information in this action.

5. All Confidential Information (i.e., "Confidential" or "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" information) that has been obtained from a party during the course of this proceeding shall be used only for the purpose of this litigation and not for any other business, proceeding, litigation, or other purpose whatsoever. Further, such information may not be disclosed to anyone except as provided in this Order. Counsel for a party may give advice and opinions to their client based on evaluation of information designated as Confidential Information produced by the other party. For information designated "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only," such rendering of advice and opinions shall not reveal the content of such information except by prior agreement with opposing counsel.

6. All documents, or any portion thereof, produced for inspection only (i.e., copies have not yet been provided to the Receiving Party) shall be deemed "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only." If a copy of any such document is requested after inspection, the document shall be deemed "Confidential" or "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" only if labeled or marked in conformity with paragraph 2, with access and dissemination limited as set forth in paragraphs 11-12.

7. Information disclosed at a deposition or other testimony may be designated as "Confidential" or "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" at the time of the testimony or deposition, or within fourteen (14) days following receipt of the transcript, and shall be subject to the provisions of this Order. Additional information disclosed during a deposition or other testimony may be designated as "Confidential" or "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" by notifying the other party, in writing, within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the transcript, of the specific pages of the transcript that should also be so designated. Unless otherwise agreed on the record of the deposition or other testimony, all transcripts shall be treated as "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" for a period of fourteen (14) days after their receipt, and the transcript shall not be disclosed by a non-designating party to persons other than those persons named or approved according to paragraph 12 to review documents or materials designated "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" on behalf of that non-designating party.

8. All exhibits, pleadings, discovery responses, documents or things, testimony or other submissions, filed with the Court pursuant to this action that have been designated "Confidential" or "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only," by any party, or any pleading or memorandum purporting to reproduce, paraphrase, or otherwise disclose such information designated as Confidential Information, shall be marked with the legend "Confidential" or "Confidential-Attorneys Eyes Only" and shall be filed pursuant to and in compliance with L.R. 79-5.1 and the Judge's rules. If a filing under seal is requested, a written application and proposed order shall be presented along with the document for filing under seal. The original and Judge's copy of the document shall be sealed in separate envelopes with a copy of the title page attached to the front of each envelope. The application shall request that the Court return the underlying document and the sealed application without filing to the extent the Judge denies the application to file under seal. The party seeking to seal documents must demonstrate for each document or category of documents sufficient grounds to warrant placing the documents under seal. With respect to dispositive motions, such as motions for summary judgment, the party seeking to seal documents must present compelling reasons to seal the documents.

9. As used in this Protective Order, "Trial Counsel" refers exclusively to the counsel of record in this litigation and their paralegals, agents, and support staff, or such additional attorneys as may be ordered by the Court, or subsequently may be agreed upon by the parties, such agreement not to be unreasonably withheld.

10. As used in this Protective Order, "independent experts or consultants" refers exclusively to a person, who has not been and is not an employee of a party or scheduled to become an employee in the near future, and who is retained or employed as a consultant or expert for purposes of this ...

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