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In re Cathode Ray Tube Antitrust Litigation


January 5, 2010


The opinion of the court was delivered by: Hon. Samuel Conti

MDL No. 1917

This Document Related to All Cases


WHEREAS the Court, on September 12, 2008, entered an Order pursuant to Stipulation, granting a Limited Stay of Discovery for six (6) months, which was to expire on March 12, 2009 ("September 12, 2008 Stay Order");

WHEREAS the Court, on February 5, 2009, entered an Order pursuant to Stipulation modifying and extending the September 12, 2008 Stay Order until September 11, 2009, with limitations on deposition discovery continuing until January 4, 2010 ("February 5, 2009 Stay Order");

WHEREAS on June 8, 2009, Special Master Charles A. Legge, entered an Order further extending the February 5, 2009 Stay Order, "until such time as the Court has issued its decision(s) on the various motions to dismiss that were filed on May 18, 2009 ("June 8, 2009 Stay Order");

WHEREAS there is an ongoing criminal grand jury investigation involving the products at issue in this case;

WHEREAS the parties have met and conferred and agreed to request modification and extension of the September 12, 2008, February 5, 2009, and June 8, 2009 Stay Orders;


That Paragraph 3 of the September 12, 2008 Stay Order shall be modified and replaced in its entirety with the following new Paragraph 3:

During the pendency of the grand jury proceedings and any resulting criminal trials, no discovery shall be conducted in this case (including, without limitation, document requests, interrogatories, requests to admit, or depositions) that reflects, refers to, or relates to grand jury proceedings concerning CRTs or CRT products, including any party's or witness's communications with the United States, or with any grand jury investigating CRTs or CRT products, except by the order of the Court upon good cause shown and consistent with governing law.

That Paragraph 5 of the June 8, 2009 Stay Order shall be modified and that Paragraph 2(b) of the February 5, 2009 Stay Order shall be modified and replaced in its entirety with the following new Paragraph 2(b):

The Stay Period, as defined in paragraph 1 of the February 5, 2009 Stay Order, shall be extended until March 8, 2010. Moreover, no deposition discovery may be taken until November 1, 2010, with the following exception: Beginning on March 8, 2010, depositions may be taken of defendants' customers or suppliers, or their employees, provided in any case that the deponent is not a defendant or a subsidiary or affiliate of a defendant, or an employee, agent, or former employee of any of them. Such deposition subpoenas may include requests for documents to be produced by the deponent at the deposition, provided that no document requests may request the production of documents disclosing the contents of the witness' testimony, if any, before the grand jury or communications with the United States that reflect, refer to, or relate to the grand jury proceedings.


Dated: December 22, 2009

By: JEFFREY L. KESSLER (pro hac vice) Email: A. PAUL VICTOR (pro hac vice) Email: EVA W. COLE (pro hac vice) Email: DEWEY & LEBOEUF LLP 1301 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York 10019 Telephone: (212) 259-8000 Facsimile: (212) 259-7013

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By: GARY L. HALLING (66087) JAMES L. MCGINNIS (95788) MICHAEL SCARBOROUGH (203524) SHEPPARD, MULLIN, RICHTER & HAMPTON LLP Four Embarcadero Center, 17th Floor San Francisco, California 94111-4109 Telephone: (415) 434-9100 Facsimile: (415) 434-3947 Attorneys for Defendants Samsung SDI America, Inc., Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., Samsung SDI (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Samsung SDI Mexico S.A. de C.V., Samsung SDI Brasil Ltda., Shenzhen SamsungSDI Co.Ltd., andTianjin Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.

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By: TERRY CALVANI (53260) Email: BRUCE C. MCCULLOCH (pro hac vice) Email: CHRISTINE A. LACIAK (pro hac vice) Email: FRESHFIELDS BRUCKHAUS DERINGER US LLP 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Suite 600 Washington, D.C. 20004 Telephone: (202) 777-4500 Facsimile: (202) 777-4555 Attorneys for Defendant Beijing Matsushita Color CRT Company, Ltd.

By: CHRISTOPHER M. CURRAN (pro hac vice) Email: GEORGE L. PAUL (pro hac vice) Email: LUCIUS B. LAU (pro hac vice) Email: WHITE & CASE LLP 701 Thirteenth Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20005 Telephone: (202) 626-3600 Facsimile: (202) 639-9355 Attorneys for Defendants Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Toshiba America, Inc. And Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C.

By: TERRENCE A. CALLAN (36305) Email: PILLSBURY WINTHROP SHAW PITTMAN LLP 50 Fremont Street P.O. Box 7880 San Francisco, California 94120-7880 Telephone: (415) 983-1000 Facsimile: (415) 983-1200

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By: WILLIAM DIAZ (232297) Email: MCDERMOTT WILL & EMERY 18191 Von Karman Avenue Suite 500 Irvine, California 92612-7108 Telephone: (949) 851-0633 Facsimile: (949) 851-9348 Attorneys for Samtel Color, Ltd.

By: GUIDO SAVERI (41059) Email: R. ALEXANDER SAVERI (173102) Email: CADIO ZIRPOLI (179108) Email: SAVERI & SAVERI INC. 706 Sansome Street San Francisco, California 94111 Telephone: (415) 217-6810 Facsimile: (415) 217-6813 Interim Lead Counsel for the Direct Purchaser Plaintiffs

By: MARIO N. ALIOTO (56433) Email: LAUREN C. RUSSELL (241151) Email: TRUMP, ALIOTO, TRUMP & PRESCOTT, LLP 2280 Union Street San Francisco, California 94123 Telephone: (415) 563-7200 Facsimile: (415) 346-0679 Interim Lead Counsel for the Indirect Purchaser Plaintiffs

By: LIDIA MAHER (222253) Email: ANNA TRYON PLETCHER (239730) Email: MAY LEE HEYE (209366) Email: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, ANTITRUST DIVISION 450 Golden Gate Avenue Box 36046 San Francisco, California 94102 Telephone: (415) 436-6660 Facsimile: (415)436-6687 Attorneys for the United States




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