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Disney Enterprises, Inc. v. Roye


October 13, 2010


The opinion of the court was delivered by: Hon. Dean D. Pregerson United States District Judge


The Court, having read and considered the Joint Stipulation for Entry of Consent Decree and Permanent Injunction that has been executed by Plaintiff Disney Enterprises, Inc. ("Plaintiff") and Defendants Roger Roye, an individual and d/b/a, and Double R Distributing (collectively "Defendants") in this action, and good cause appearing therefore, hereby:

ORDERS that based on the parties' stipulation and only as to Defendants, their successors, heirs, and assignees, this Injunction shall be and is hereby entered in the within action as follows:

1) This Court has jurisdiction over the parties to this action and over the subject matter hereof pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 101 et seq., 15 U.S.C. § 1051 et seq., and 28 U.S.C. §§ 1331 and 1338. Service of process was properly made against Defendants.

2) Plaintiff claims that it owns or controls the pertinent rights in and to the copyright registrations identified in Exhibit A, attached hereto (collectively "Plaintiff's Copyrights").

3) Plaintiff claims that it owns or controls the pertinent rights in and to the trademark registrations identified in Exhibit B, attached hereto (collectively "Plaintiff's Trademarks"). (Plaintiff's Copyrights and Plaintiff's Trademarks are collectively referred to herein as "Plaintiff's Properties".)

4) Plaintiff has alleged that Defendants have made unauthorized uses of Plaintiff's Properties or substantially similar likenesses or colorable imitations thereof.

5) Defendants and their agents, servants, employees and all persons in active concert and participation with them who receive actual notice of the Injunction are hereby restrained and enjoined from:

a) Infringing Plaintiff's Properties, either directly or contributorily, in any manner, including generally, but not limited to manufacturing, importing, reproducing, distributing, advertising, selling and/or offering for sale any unauthorized product which features any of Plaintiff's Properties ("Unauthorized Products"), and, specifically from:

i) Importing, manufacturing, reproducing, distributing, advertising, selling and/or offering for sale the Unauthorized Products or any other unauthorized products which picture, reproduce, copy or use the likenesses of or bear a substantial similarity to any of Plaintiff's Properties;

ii) Importing, manufacturing, reproducing, distributing, advertising, selling and/or offering for sale in connection thereto any unauthorized promotional materials, labels, packaging or containers which picture, reproduce, copy or use the likenesses of or bear a confusing similarity to any of Plaintiff's Properties;

iii) Engaging in any conduct that tends falsely to represent that, or is likely to confuse, mislead or deceive purchasers, Defendants' customers and/or members of the public to believe, the actions of Defendants, the products sold by Defendants, or Defendants themselves are connected with Plaintiff, are sponsored, approved or licensed by Plaintiff, or are affiliated with Plaintiff;

iv) Affixing, applying, annexing or using in connection with the importation, manufacture, reproduction, distribution, advertising, sale and/or offer for sale or other use of any goods or services, a false description or representation, including words or other symbols, tending to falsely describe or represent such goods as being those of Plaintiff.

6) Each side shall bear its own fees and costs of suit.

7) Except as provided herein, all claims alleged in the Complaint are dismissed with prejudice.

8) This Injunction shall be deemed to have been served upon Defendants at the time of its execution by the Court.

9) The Court finds there is no just reason for delay in entering this Injunction and, pursuant to Rule 54(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Court directs immediate entry of this Injunction against Defendants.

10) The Court shall retain jurisdiction of this action to entertain such further proceedings and to enter such further orders as may be necessary or appropriate to implement and enforce the provisions of this Injunction.

11) The above-captioned action, shall, upon filing by Plaintiff of the Settlement Agreement, Stipulation for Entry of Judgment and Judgment Pursuant to Stipulation, and requesting entry of judgment against Defendants, be reopened should Defendants default under the terms of the Settlement Agreement.

12) This Court shall retain jurisdiction over the Defendants for the purpose of making further orders necessary or proper for the construction or modification of this consent decree and judgment; the enforcement hereof; the punishment of any violations hereof; and for the possible entry of a further Judgment Pursuant to Stipulation in this action.

Double R Distributing

By: ______________________________ Its: Defendant

Exhibit A

Plaintiff's Copyrights

Item Title Registration


101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure PA1-207-593 101 One Hundred and One Dalmatians PA 789-990

50. Dinosaur PA 974-011 A Bug's Life PA 901-890 Aladdin PA1-262-714 Aladdin And The King Of Thieves PA 801-069 Alice in Wonderland LP 1477 Alice in Wonderland (DVD, 2004) PA 869-663 Atlantis: Milo's Return PA1-255-687 Atlantis: The Lost Empire PA1-039-237 Baby Bach Musical Adventure PA-1-022-983 Baby Beethoven Symphony of Fun PA-1-249-262 Baby Da Vinci From Head to Toe PA-1-249-263 Baby Einstein Favorite Places -- First Words Around Town PA 1-617-388 Baby Einstein Meet the Orchestra -- First Instruments PA 1-618-722 Baby Einstein's Baby's First Moves PA 1-683-381 Baby Galileo Discovery the Sky PA-1-218-232 Baby McDonald A Day on the Farm PA-1-249-324 Baby Monet Discovering the Seasons PA-1-294-358 Baby Mozart Music Festival PA-974-419 Baby Neptune Discovering Water PA-1-221-493 Baby Newton Discovering Shapes PA-1-145-602 Baby Noah Animal Expedition PA-1-264-166 Baby Santa's Music Box PA-1-089-272 Baby Shakespeare World of Poetry PA-953-899 Baby van Gogh World of Colors PA-953-900 Baby Wordsworth First Words Around the House PA 1-618-731 Bambi LP 12270 Bambi (DVD, 2005) LP 12270 Bambi II PA1-325-585 Beauty And The Beast PA 542-647 Beauty and the beast II: The Enchanted Christmas PA 839-704 Bedknobs and Broomsticks LP 39817 Brother Bear PA1-188-459

Brother Bear 2 PA1-373-676 Cars PA1-322-908 Chicken Little PA1-297-755

Cinderella LP 2819; R 648396

Cinderella (DVD, 2005) LP 2819; R 648396

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True PA1-122-518 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time APPLICATION Donald Duck And The Gorilla R 502-195 Dumbo LP 11124 Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams PA 1-601-882 Everybody Loves Donald COMPILATION Everybody Loves Goofy COMPILATION Everybody Loves Mickey COMPILATION Fantasia M 10761 Fantasia/2000 PA 959-712 Finidng Nemo PA1-146-502 Hercules PA 670-961 Home on the Range PA1-213-738 James and the Giant Peach PA 779-161 Krook's New Groove PA1-325-586 Lady and the Tramp LP 4675 Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure PA1-352-946 Language Nursery PA-1-255-727

Document Number: V3299P482 Lilo & Stitch PA1-082-244 Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch PA1-294-495 Mary Poppins LP 28936 Meet the Robinsons PA 1-332-118 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey Saves Santa PA 1-350-382 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Great Clubhouse Hunt PA 1-610-709 Mickey's House of Villains PA1-151-103 Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed In At Yhe House Of Mouse

Life With Mickey Town PA 1-073-895

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas PA1-255-686 Monsters Inc. PA1-038-178 Mulan PA 799-025

Mulan II PA1-271-185 Neighborhood Animals PA-1-052-809 Numbers Nursery PA-1-249-261 Peter Pan LP 3193 Pinocchio LP 9415 Pocahontas PA 720-179 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World PA 895-668 Ratatouille PA1-354-935 Recess: School's Out PA 941-081 Return the Never Land PA1-072-441 Robin Hood LP 42905 Sleeping Beauty LP 13782 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs LP 7689 Tarzan PA 939-561 Tarzan II PA1-293-191 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad R 645-052

The Aristocats RE 783-204;

LP 38283

The Black Cauldron PA 252-525 The Chronological Donald: volume one PA 1-265-439 The Emperor's New Groove PA 940-885 The Fox And The Hound PA 125-861 The Hunchback of Notre Dame PA 795-221 The Hunchback of Notre Dame II PA 1-122-520 The Incredibles PA1-250-536 The Jungle Book LP 34804 The Jungle Book 2 PA1-095-956 The Lion King PA 659-979 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride PAU2325-441 The Lion King1 1/2 PA1-255-685 The Little Mermaid PA 431-543 The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea PA1-013-719 The Nightmare Before Christmas PA 659-601 The Rescuers LP 49678 The Rescuers Down Under PA 486-535 The Return Of Jafar PA 736-151 The Sword In The Stone RE 546-478 The Three Caballeros LP 13147 The Three Musketeers PA1-255-689

The Tigger Movie PA 966-196 The Wild PA1-317-638 Toy Story PA 765-713 Toy Story 2 PA 959-870 Treasure Planet PA1-107-581 Valiant PA1-283-543 WALT DISNEY ANIMATION COLLECTION VOLUME 2: THREE LITTLE PIGS

PA 1-332-118

PA 1-665-409


Walt Disney Treasures 1: The complete Pluto vol. 1, 1930-1942

PA 1-265-432

Who Framed Roger Rabbit PA 368-781 Winnie the Pooh: Heffalump Movie PA1-302-193 Winnie The Pooh: Many Adventures LP 47924 World Animals PA-137-727

Exhibit B

Plaintiff's Trademarks

Trademark Registration

Trademark Mark Drawing

Code Trademark

Registration No.


Disney Typed Drawing 1,162,727 7/28/81

Disney Typed Drawing 1,838,246

(Serial Number 78163606) 5/31/94

Walt Disney Typed Drawing 1,141,312 11/11/80

1,162,727 (Serial Number 78864123) 7/28/81

Walt Disney Signature Standard Character


Disney Presents The Lion

King The Broadway

Musical Design and Words 2,436,121 3/20/2001

The Lion King Standard Character

Mark 3,097,393 5/30/2006

The Lion King Design and Words 1,940,193 12/5/1995


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