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Valdivia v. Schwarzenegger


November 2, 2010


The Special Master hereby submits his statement for fees and disbursements for the period of October 1 October 31, 2010.

Chase Riveland, Special Master

Services $10,690.00 Disbursements $1,673.08

Total amount due $12,363.08

Virginia Morrison, Deputy Special Master

Services $10,518.50 Disbursements $205.50

Total amount due $10,724.00

Nancy Campbell, Deputy Special Master

Services $7,304.40 Disbursements $931.08

Total amount due $8,235.68


Receipts for justification of reported expenditures are available upon request.

Respectfully submitted,

Chase Riveland /s/ Chase Riveland

November 1, 2010

Special Master


TO: Ms. Susan Peterson, Financial Administrator

/S/ Chase Riveland

FROM: Chase Riveland, Special Master, Valdivia

Date: November 1, 2010

RE: Reimbursement for fees and disbursements expended during the period ending October 31, 2010.

Please send the check to the following individual for the amount indicated.

Chase Riveland Valdivia Special Master 5714 Deer Harbor Road Box 367 Deer Harbor, WA 98243

Amount to be reimbursed: $31,322.76

For: Chase Riveland

Tax #: 390-40-6490

Fees for October 2010

10/1/10 Correspondence: Campbell, Dubay-Sing, Morrison; review materials; prepare OSM billing for September 1.8

10/2/10 Correspondence: Campbell, Morrison, Renju, Walzak, Jones, review materials 1.1

10/4/10 Correspondence: Morrison, Campbell .3

10/5/10 All parties conference call; correspondence: Morrison, Campbell,

McPherson; review CalPAP materials .9

10/6/10 Correspondence: Riley, Campbell, Renju, Morrison; telephone:

Campbell; review 9th Circuit Court of Appeals finding 1.6

10/7/10 Correspondence: Dubay-Sing, Roudabush, Xiong; review materials .5

10 9/10 Correspondence: Jacob, Campbell, Brady, Deniz; review materials .9

10/11/10 Correspondence: Campbell, Brady, Xiong, Dolin, Buffleben; review Defendant document production; telephone: Campbell 1.8

10/12/10 Correspondence: Campbell, Riley, Xiong .2

10/13/10 Correspondence: Morrison, Hoshino, Buffelben, Baldwin,

Campbell; review materials .9

10/14/10 Correspondence: Campbell, Baldwin, Blake, Morrison, Macias- Price; review materials 1.1

10/15/10 Correspondence: Morrison, Campbell, Walzak, Prewitt, Riley, Awiszus, Brady, Krogen, Roudebush, Baldwin, Hennesy; review CalPAP statistics, Defendant and Plaintiff responses to OSM 9th report draft, rev extension reports; telephone: Tebrock, Morrison, Brady, Galvan 4.6

10/16/10 Correspondence: Morrison, Campbell .3

10/17/10 Correspondence: Morrison, Campbell; review new drafts of report; conference call with Morrison and Campbell regarding parties responses to 9th report draft 3.3

10/18/10 Correspondence: Morrison, Xiong, Galvan; telephone: with Defendants and Morrison, Campbell 1.0

10/19/10 Correspondence: Morrison, Galvan, Campbell, Huey, Renju, Seale Review materials; telephone conference with Plaintiffs; telephone conference with Defendants 4.4

10/20/10 Correspondence: Boyd, Campbell, Baldwin, Xiong, Goodwin, Morrison, Mascias-Price; review materials 2.8

10/21/10 Correspondence: Campbell, Morrison, Grunfeld; review final draft of OSM final report and submit to Court 3.5

10/22/10 Correspondence: Campbell; review materials .3

10/24/10 Review materials for Sacramento trip; correspondence:

Morrison, Campbell 1.4

10/25/10 Correspondence: Morrison, Campbell; review materials .5

10/26/10 Travel: Deer Harbor to Sacramento 7.5 *

10/26/10 Correspondence: Boyd, Riley, Campbell, Baldwin, Huey, Morrison; review materials 1.1

10/27/10 Meet with Xiong, obtain new ID, meet with Morrison and Campbell, Meeting with Defendants; correspondence; meeting With Campbell and Morrison; meet with all parties; meet with Campbell; correspondence: Campbell, Riley, Morrison 10.9

10/28/10 Travel: Sacramento to Deer Harbor 7.5 *

10/29/10 Correspondence: Boyd, Dubay-Singh, Court; review materials .9

10/30/10 Correspondence: Riley, Morrison, Campbell, Baldwin, Galvan, review materials .4

10/31/10 Correspondence: Campbell, Morrison .2

46.7 15 *

* 15 hrs at $90/hr. = $1,350 and 46.7 hrs. at $200/hr. = $9,340 = $10,690

* Denotes travel time at $90/hr.

Expenses for October 2010

10/26/10 Roundtrip air ticket Deer Harbor to Seattle and return 238.00

10/26/10 Roundtrip air ticket: Seattle to Sacramento and return 618.00

10/26/10 Shuttle: Boeing field to Seatac 10.00

10/26/10 Lunch and dinner 46.98

10/27/10 Parking 13.00

10/27/10 parking 3.00

10/27/10 Breakfast, lunch and dinner Campbell Dinner 96.99

10/28/10 Hotel for 2 nights and night parking 425.60

10/28/10 Rental car: 2 days 149.05

10/28/10 Breakfast and lunch 22.76

10/28/10 Taxi: Seatac to Boeing field 50.00


Expenses: 1,673.08

Total Fees and Expenses: $10,690 $1,673.08 = $12,363.08

Collaboration Specialists

Services rendered by Virginia Morrison Tax #: 51-0433003

Fees for October 2010


10/1/10 Review and respond to email communication; review letter re: 0.8 substantial compliance; telephone conference w/defendants re: RSTS

10/5/10 Email communication w/defendants and OSM; review documents 1.3 recently produced

10/6/10 Review and respond to email communication 0.2

10/13/10 Review documents; review and respond to email communication 1.8

10/14/10 Review and respond to email communication; review documents; 3.5 telephone conference w/N. Campbell

10/15/10 Telephone conference w/C. Riveland; review and notate parties' 5.75 responses to OSM report and other recent documents; revise OSM report

10/16/10 Telephone conferences w/defendants and N. Campbell; review 5.5 documents; revise OSM report

10/17/10 Revise OSM report; telephone conference and email communication 7.3

w/OSM team; review and analyze documents

10/18/10 Review and analyze documents; prepare briefing materials for 4.6 defendants; telephone conferences w/OSM and defendants, and w/N.


10/19/10 Round-trip travel between San Anselmo and Sacramento 3.75*

10/19/10 Participate in telephone conference w/OSM team and plaintiffs; 3.2 participate in conference w/OSM team and defendants; telephone conferences w/defendants; review and respond to email communication

10/20/10 Revise OSM report; review and respond to email communication; 3.6 telephone conferences w/N. Campbell and defendants

10/21/10 Revise OSM report; review and respond to email communication; 0.7 review documents and correspondence

10/25/10 Review and respond to email communication; review and comment on 1.25 monitoring document

10/26/10 Review and analyze documents; review and respond to email 2.0 communication

10/27/10 Round-trip travel between San Anselmo and Sacramento [less time 2.9* spent on substantive matters]

10/27/10 Participate in conferences re: RSTS, monitoring, and next steps in 7.0 working toward compliance; telephone conferences w/plaintiffs and defendants; review and respond to email communication

10/28/10 Review and respond to email communication; telephone conference 1.0 w/defendants re: RSTS

10/31/10 Telephone conference w/defendants 0.1


49.6 X $200/hour = $9,920

6.65 X $90/hour = $598.50


* denotes travel time at lower rate

Disbursements/Expenses for October 2010

Date Activity Amount

10/19/10 Mileage and tolls between San Anselmo and Sacramento (174 miles at 50 95.00 cents per mile)

10/19/10 Parking for Sacramento meetings 2.50

10/27/10 Mileage and tolls between San Anselmo and Sacramento (174 miles at 50 95.00 cents per mile)

10/27/10 Parking for Sacramento meetings 13.00


Total Fees and Expenses: $10,724.00

For: Nancy Campbell

Tax #: 060-40-9849

Fees for October 2010

Date______________Activity_________________________________ Time/Hours

10/1/10 Call Brady re: re-entry courts .20 10/2/10 Call Riveland .7

10/3/10 Call Brady re: remedies; e-mail RBG re: report endnote .25

10/4/10 E-mails Hoffman, Baldwin re: report data; call Baldwin 1.25 re: OSM 9; Call parties re: Hope and Re-entry court 10/5/10 Meetings Boyd and Carvo; Tebrock 2.50 10/6/10 Call Riveland; Webex re: DAPO Report card .5 10/8/10 Call Brady re: response submission and remedial sanctions; .75

Call Galvan re: response submission, Prop 9 and NRP 10/10/10 E-mails Plaintiffs re: NRP and Third Prong; e-mail .50

Brady re: remedial sanctions 10/12/10 Reschedule Next Steps Meeting .18 10/13/10 Review BPH agenda and Monthly update call .90 10/16/10 Review parties responses to OSM 9; Call Morrison 4.75 e-mails to Grey and Hoffman 10/17/10 E-mails DAPO staff re: data for OSM 9; Call OSM team 2.15

Re: report revisions 10/18/10 Calls Boyd, Morrison re: report revisions; e-mails 4.75

Defendants re: report revisions; report editing; prep

For parties calls 10/19/10 Call Boyd; Calls and e-mails parties re: revisions; 4.25 report editing 10/20/10 E-mail Baldwin and Grey re: Report data; Calls Baldwin 3.25

Report data; Call Morrison; final report edits; Missed

ParAd info review 10/25/10 Respond to Focused DRU accomplishments .20 10/26/10 Prepare agendas for 10/27 meetings; review and comment 4.00

Focused DRU accomplishments and procedures and other Policy drafts; review disputed issues list 10/27/10 Travel to Sacramento 4.25* 10/27/10 Defendant meetings re: next steps and parties meeting 5.00

Re: focused DRU 10/28/10 Return to Seattle 4.75*


34.88 X $180/hour = $6494.40

9.00 X $90/hour = $810.00

Total Fees $7,304.40

*Denotes travel time rate

Date Activity Amount

10/27/10 Travel via POV to SeaTac Airport 26mi@ .50mi 13.00 10/27/10 RT Airfare to Sacramento 460.40 10/27/10 Meals 8.96 10/27/10 Hotel and Parking 271.78 10/27/10 Meeting Parking 13.00 10/28/10 Rental Car 117.82 10/28/10 Meals 3.75 10/28/10 Airport Parking 29.57 10/28/10 Travel via POV to SeaTac Airport 26mi@ .50mi 13.00

Total Expenses 931.28

Total Fees and Expenses: $8,235.68


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