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Maine State Retirement System, Individually and On Behalf of All v. Countrywide Financial Corporation

July 15, 2011


The opinion of the court was delivered by: Hon. Mariana R. PfaelzerUnited States District Court Judge



After consideration of the terms of the foregoing Stipulation Regarding Governing of the Treatment of Confidential Information, and good cause appearing therefore,


1. The Stipulation and Order Governing the Treatment of Confidential Information (the "Stipulation") shall govern the disclosure and use of Confidential Discovery Material (as defined below) and all other discovery material (as applicable) provided during the course of this Action by the Parties to the Action or by nonparties, either voluntarily or as required by discovery demands made pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

2. Nothing in the Stipulation shall apply to documents, information, material, or any portion thereof obtained by any Party on a non-confidential basis from an unrelated person or entity ("Independently Obtained Documents"), provided that if an Independently Obtained Document duplicates, in whole or in part, documents produced to the Party and designated as Confidential Discovery Material, and the Independently Obtained Document was obtained directly or indirectly by the unrelated person or entity as a result of discovery from any Defendant or affiliated entity in litigation involving any Defendant or affiliated entity, such Independently Obtained Document, or the duplicative portion thereof, shall be treated by the Party as Confidential Discovery Material. Nothing in this paragraph shall be deemed to relieve any unrelated party or entity from complying with its obligations under any agreement or court order that is otherwise applicable to that person or entity.

3. As used in the Stipulation, "person" includes any individual, entity, natural person, or any business, legal or governmental entity or association. "Producing Person" refers to any person that produces discovery material.

"Receiving Person" refers to any person that receives discovery material subject to the Stipulation.

4. The Stipulation designates as "Confidential Discovery Material" documents or discovery responses that may be produced during discovery that are designated as such by a Producing Person because they contain any of the following: confidential, sensitive, or nonpublic financial information and statements; proprietary business information, including business plans and records of internal deliberations and decision-making; policies and procedures not generally published, including those concerning business operations, employee benefits and risk management procedures; surveys concerning customers, competitors and employees; and individual personal information that is protected from disclosure under state or federal law, including identifying personal information and personal financial information, about any Party, any employee of any Party, or any non-party. It is possible that disclosure of this Confidential Discovery Material may cause harm to the Producing Persons and their employees, as well as to non-parties.

5. Further, this Protective Order designates as "Confidential -- Attorneys and Experts Only" specific documents or information produced during discovery, regardless of their designation by the Producing Person, that contain sensitive, proprietary, confidential, and personal information for which the Parties in good faith believe constitute Confidential Discovery Material but for which "Confidential Discovery Material" status may not provide sufficient protection. This "Confidential -- Attorneys and Experts Only" material includes, and is strictly limited to, any information produced in this litigation which identifies the specific counterparties to transactions in the Certificates or any entities acting on such counterparties' behalf in connection with transactions in the Certificates. Material that is designated "Confidential -- Attorneys and Experts Only" shall be subject to all the protective terms applicable to "Confidential Discovery Material" as well as the more protective measures expressly set forth herein in Paragraph

10. The limitations set forth under this paragraph shall only be modified by agreement among the parties and Order of the Court.

6. All documents designated as Confidential Discovery Material shall be so designated, by Bates range, in a letter accompanying their production to a Party, by stamping the media in which the documents are transmitted, or by stamping the first page of a document "CONFIDENTIAL," "CONFIDENTIAL DISCOVERY MATERIAL," or "CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED BY [and the name of the producing party]" Documents may be designated as Confidential Discovery Material at any time. Without limiting the foregoing sentence in any way, a Party may designate a document as CONFIDENTIAL after it was earlier produced without such a designation, and such production, in and of itself, shall not prejudice or otherwise constitute a waiver of, or estoppel as to, any claim of confidentiality to which the Producing Person would otherwise be entitled. Any documents designated as Confidential Discovery Material prior to entry of this Order shall be treated the same in all respects as documents designated as Confidential Discovery Material after the entry of this Order. This Order also treats as Confidential Discovery Material oral communications designated as confidential either orally (provided that such designation was recorded by a court reporter) or in writing.

7. It is the intent of the Parties and the Court that materials will not be designated as Confidential Discovery Material for tactical reasons in this case and that nothing be so designated without a good faith belief that there is good cause why it should not be part of the public record in this case.

8. Confidential Discovery Material also includes those portions of any notes, work papers or other work product that contain confidential information from documents designated as Confidential Discovery Material without the need for a separate confidential designation on the notes, work paper, or other work product.

9. If discovery material is inspected at the Producing Person's choice of location, all such discovery material shall be presumed at such inspection to have been designated as Confidential Discovery Material by the Producing Person until such time as the Producing Person provides copies to the Party that requested the discovery material. Production of Confidential Discovery Material for inspection and copying shall not constitute a waiver of confidentiality.

10. Confidential Discovery Material shall be subject to the following restrictions:

(a) Confidential Discovery Material shall be used solely for the purpose of preparing for, and conducting, the prosecution or defense of this Action, including any appeals thereof, and shall not be used by the Parties or any other ...

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