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In Re: Tft-Lcd (Flat Panel v. Au Optronics Corporation


October 5, 2011


The opinion of the court was delivered by: Susan Illston, United States District Judge

Master File No. 3:07-md-01827-SI (N.D. Cal.)

This Document Relates To Individual


amended complaint in the above-captioned case (MDL Dkt. No. 3064) ("Amended Complaint"); Corporation America, Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corporation, Chi Mei Optoelectronics USA, Inc., Imaging Devices Corporation, HannStar Display Corporation, Hitachi Electronic Devices (USA), Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd. ("Sanyo"), Sharp Corporation, Sharp Electronics Corporation, America Information Systems, Inc., Toshiba Corporation, and Toshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd. Complaint (MDL Dkt. No. 3225 ) ("Joint Motion"); dismiss MetroPCS' Amended Complaint (MDL Dkt. Nos. 3218 and 3231, respectively)

WHEREAS, the Motions are scheduled to be heard on October 7, 2011;

WHEREAS, counsel for MetroPCS has a conflict with another matter on October 7, 2011;

WHEREAS, on July 8, 2011, Plaintiff MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. ("MetroPCS") filed an

WHEREAS, on August 5, 2011 defendants AU Optronics Corporation, AU Optronics CMO Japan Co., Ltd., Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd., Epson Electronics America, Inc., Epson Inc., Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi Displays, Ltd., Mitsui & Co. (Taiwan), Ltd. ("Mitsui Taiwan"), Sanyo Tatung Company of America, Inc., Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., Toshiba (collectively, "Moving Defendants"), filed a joint motion to dismiss MetroPCS' Amended

WHEREAS, on August 5, 2011, Mitsui Taiwan and Sanyo filed separate motions to (collectively, together with the Joint Motion, "Motions"); and reschedule the hearing for October 28, 2011. 21

undersigned counsel, on behalf of their respective clients, MetroPCS, on the one hand, and

1. The Motions shall be heard on October 28, 2011.

WHEREAS, counsel for Sanyo, Mitsui Taiwan, and Moving Defendants have agreed to

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED by and among the Moving Defendants, on the other hand, as follows:

DATED: October 5, 2011 /s/ William A. Isaacson William A. Isaacson (admitted pro hac vice) BOIES, SCHILLER & FLEXNER LLP 5301 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 800 Washington, D.C. 20015 Telephone: (202) 237-2727 Facsimile: (202) 237-6131 Email: Philip J. Iovieno (admitted pro hac vice) Anne M. Nardacci (admitted pro hac vice) Christopher V. Fenlon (admitted pro hac vice) BOIES, SCHILLER & FLEXNER LLP 10 North Pearl Street, 4th Floor Albany, NY 12207 Telephone: (518) 434-0600 Facsimile: (518) 434-0665 Email: Counsel for Plaintiff MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. _____/s/ Christopher A. Nedeau____________ Christopher A. Nedeau (CA Bar No. 81297) Carl L. Blumenstein (CA Bar No. 124158) Katharine Chao (CA Bar No. 247571) NOSSAMAN LLP 50 California Street, 34th Floor San Francisco, California 94111-4799 (415) 398-3600 (Phone) (415) 398-2438 (Facsimile) Counsel for Defendants AU Optronics Corporation and AU Optronics Corporation America _____/s/ Neal A. Potischman____________ Christopher B. Hockett (SBN 121539) Neal A. Potischman (SBN 254862) Sandra West (SBN 250389) Samantha H. Knox (SBN 254427) DAVIS POLK & WARDWELL LLP 1600 El Camino Real Menlo Park, California 94025 (650) 752-2000 / (650) 752-2111

Jonathan D. Martin (admitted pro hac vice) Bradley R. Hansen (admitted pro hac vice) DAVIS POLK & WARDWELL LLP 450 Lexington Avenue New York, New York 10017 (212) 450-4000 / (212) 701-5800 Counsel for Defendants Chimei Innolux Corporation (f/k/a Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corp.), Chi Mei Optoelectronics USA, Inc., and CMO Japan Co., Ltd. _____/s/ Stephen P. Freccero______________ Melvin R. Goldman (CA Bar No. 34097) Stephen P. Freccero (CA Bar No. 131093) Derek F. Foran (CA Bar No. 224569) MORRISON & FOERSTER LLP 425 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94105-2482 (415) 268-7000 (Phone) (415) 268-7522 (Facsimile) Counsel for Defendants Epson Electronics America, Inc. and Epson Imaging Devices Corporation

_____/s/ Ramona M. Emerson_____________ Hugh F. Bangasser (pro hac vice) Ramona M. Emerson (pro hac vice) Christopher M. Wyant (pro hac vice) K&L GATES LLP 925 Fourth Avenue, Suite 2900 Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 623-7580 (Phone) (206) 370-6371 (Facsimile) Jeffrey L. Bornstein, (CA State Bar No. 99358) K&L GATES LLP Four Embarcadero Center, Suite 1200 San Francisco, CA 94111 Phone: (415) 249-1059 Fax: (415) 882-8220 Counsel for Defendant HannStar Display Corporation _____/s/ Kent M. Roger__________________ Kent M. Roger (CA Bar No. 95987) Michelle Kim-Szrom (CA Bar No. 252901) Jennifer L. Calvert (CA Bar No. 258018) MORGAN LEWIS & BOCKIUS LLP One Market, Spear Street Tower San Francisco, CA 94105-1126 (415) 442-1000 (Phone) (415) 442-1001 (Facsimile) Counsel for Defendants Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Hitachi Electronic Devices (USA), Inc.

_____/s/ Michael E. Mumford_____________ Paul P. Eyre Ernest E. Vargo Michael E. Mumford BAKER & HOSTETLER LLP PNC Center 1900 East Ninth Street, Suite 3200 Cleveland, Ohio 44114-3482 (216) 621-0200 (Phone) (216) 696-0740 (Facsimile) Counsel for Defendant Mitsui & Co. (Taiwan), Ltd. _____/s/ Allison A. Davis________________ Allison A. Davis (CA Bar No. 139203) DAVIS WRIGHT TREMAINE LLP 505 Montgomery Street, Suite 800 San Francisco, CA 94111-6533 (415) 276-6500 (Phone) (415) 276-6599 (Facsimile) Nick S. Verwolf (pro hac vice) DAVIS WRIGHT TREMAINE LLP 777 -- 108th Ave. N.E., Suite 2300 Bellevue, WA 98004 (425) 646-6125 (Phone) (425) 646-6199 (Facsimile) Counsel for Defendant Sanyo Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd. _____/s/ Jacob R. Sorensen_______________ John M. Grenfell (CA Bar No. 88500) Jacob R. Sorensen (CA Bar No. 209134) Fusae Nara (pro hac vice) PILLSBURY WINTHROP SHAW PITTMAN LLP 50 Fremont Street San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 983-1000 (Phone) (415) 983-1200 (Facsimile) Counsel for Defendants Sharp Corporation and Sharp Electronics Corporation

_____/s/ Rachel S. Brass_________________ Rachel S. Brass GIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER LLP 555 Mission Street, Suite 3000 San Francisco, CA 94105-2933 (415) 393-8200 (Phone) (415) 393-8306 (Facsimile) 3 4 Counsel for Defendants Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. and Tatung Company of America, Inc.

_____/s/ John H. Chung__________________ 10 John H. Chung WHITE & CASE LLP 11 1155 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036-2787 12 (212) 819-8200 (Phone) (212) 354-8113 (Facsimile) 13 14 Counsel for Defendants Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., Toshiba America 15 Information Systems, Inc., and Toshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd. 16 17 Pursuant to General Order 45, Part X-B, the filer attests that concurrence in the filing of 18 this document has been obtained from stipulating defendants.



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