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Jeld-Wen Master Welfare Benefit Plan v. Tri-City Health Care District

United States District Court, Ninth Circuit

May 6, 2013

TRI-CITY HEALTH CARE DISTRICT, a California Health Care District dba TRI-CITY MEDICAL CENTER, Defendant.


GONZALO P. CURIEL, District Judge.

Before the Court is Plaintiff's motion to alter or amend judgment pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 59(e) and reconsideration under Local Civil Rule 7.1(i). (Dkt. No. 27.) Plaintiff seeks a reconsideration of the Court's order granting Defendant's motion for summary judgment filed on November 27, 2012. (Dkt. No. 24.) Defendant filed an opposition on February 8, 2013 and Plaintiff filed a reply on February 22, 2013. (Dkt. Nos. 29, 30.) Based on a review of the parties' briefs, the record and the applicable law, the Court DENIES Plaintiff's motion to alter or amend judgment.

Procedural Background

On January 24, 2012, Plaintiff Jeld-Wen Master Welfare Benefit Plan ("Jeld-Wen") filed a complaint for declaratory relief against Defendant Tri-City Health Care District ("Tri-City"). (Dkt. No. 1.) On February 1, 2012, Plaintiff filed an ex parte application seeking an order staying arbitration proceedings that were ongoing until the instant action was resolved. (Dkt. No. 3.) On February 7, 2012, the Court denied Plaintiff's ex parte application for stay of arbitration proceedings. (Dkt. No. 6.) On February 21, 2012, Defendant filed a motion to dismiss. (Dkt. No. 8.) On April 9, 2012, Plaintiff filed an opposition. (Dkt. No. 14.) Defendant filed a reply on April 16, 2012. (Dkt. No. 16.)

On March 15, 2012, Plaintiff filed a motion for summary judgment, or alternatively, motion for partial summary judgment. (Dkt. No. 9.) On April 18, 2012, the Court vacated the hearing on Defendant's motion to dismiss and took the motion under submission and granted in part and denied in part Defendant's ex parte application to continue Plaintiff's motion for summary judgment. (Dkt. No. 18.) Specifically, the Court vacated the May 7, 2012 hearing date on the motion for summary judgment and stated that the hearing would be rescheduled after issuance of a written ruling of Defendant's motion to dismiss, if deemed necessary. (Id.)

On April 20, 2012, Plaintiff filed a request for oral argument on the motion to dismiss. (Dkt. No. 19.) The Court granted Plaintiff's request for oral argument and held a hearing on May 7, 2012. (Dkt. No. 21.) On October 23, 2012, the case was transferred to the undersigned judge. (Dkt. No. 23.) On November 27, 2012, the Court construed Defendant's motion to dismiss as a motion for summary judgment under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 56 as both parties submitted matters outside the pleading. (Dkt. No. 24.) In the order, the Court granted Defendant's motion for summary judgment as to all causes of action in the complaint. (Id.) Plaintiff seeks reconsideration of that order. (Dkt. No. 27.)

Factual Background

In December 1997, Plaintiff Jeld-Wen entered into a Participating Hospital Agreement ("Agreement") with Defendant Tri-City. (Dkt. No. 1, Compl. § 8.) The purpose of the Agreement was to establish rates and terms for financial reimbursement from Jeld-Wen to Tri-City for eligible and appropriate health care services rendered at Tri-City on behalf of eligible and qualified beneficiaries under Jeld-Wen's Health Benefit Plan ("Plan"). (Id.)

On November 18, 2008, a patient ("Patient S"), then a potential eligible Plan participant, completed a Pre-Existing Condition Questionnaire. (Id. § 10.) Patient S indicated he had a "pre-existing heart condition." (Id.) Under the Plan's guidelines, a pre-existing condition is defined as "any medical condition that [Patient S] was diagnosed or treated for in the six months period immediately prior to the first day of coverage Eligibility Date." (Id.) The Plan provides for an exclusion period for any pre-existing condition such that "[c]overage will be excluded for any Pre-existing Conditions for 12 months following the coverage Eligibility Date...." (Id.) Because Patient S had not previously "opted in" for the medical coverage portion of the Health Benefit Plan, his initial medical eligibility date was January 1, 2009. (Id. § 11.) Therefore, under the Plan, Patient S would be excluded from coverage on any treatment rendered for a heart condition from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009. (Id.) On or about July 12, 2009, within the exclusion period described above, Patient S went to the Emergency Department at Tri-City, suffering from a heart related condition. (Id. § 12.) Patient S was admitted to Tri-City and underwent a heart-related procedure on or about July 16, 2009. (Id.) Patient S was discharged from Tri-City on or about July 21, 2009. (Id.)

Tri-City submitted a claim for benefits for reimbursement to Jeld-Wen under the terms of the Agreement for services rendered in the care and treatment of Patient S. (Id. § 13.) Thereafter, consistent with the provisions of the Agreement and the Plan, the Plan Administrator made an evaluation of eligibility and relying on the plain terms of the Plan, the Plan Administrator denied reimbursement to Tri-City because Patient S was suffering a pre-existing condition during the exclusionary period. (Id.) Because Patient S was not eligible for benefits due to his pre-existing condition, there could be no claim for reimbursement of expenses for treatment under any circumstances since the Plan first determines and governs eligibility. (Id. § 14.) If a beneficiary is eligible, then and only then is the Agreement analyzed to determine the amount of reimbursement, if any. (Id.) The Agreement specifies that Jeld-Wen "has the sole authority and responsibility for determination of eligibility under the health benefit plan, determination of coverage within the plan, claims payment, and such other benefit administration functions for which Payer [JELD-WEN] is responsible." (Id.) After the Plan Administrator denied the benefits based upon the Plan's "pre-existing conditions" exclusion, the beneficiary had the right to appeal that determination under terms and conditions set forth in the Plan. (Id. § 15.) Neither Patient S nor Tri-City (as assignee of Patient S) filed an appeal and the Plan Administrator's determination became final. (Id.)

In its motion to dismiss, Tri-City presents additional facts relevant to the instant motion. On July 13, 2009, Tri-City contacted Shasta Administrative Services ("Shasta"), Jen-Weld's third party administrator and agent, to verify the patient's health care coverage. Ruth, the customer service representative at Shasta, indicated that the patient did not require precertification as he presented through the emergency room and that the patient's plan would pay 80% of billed charges and that the patient had a $500 co-pay. (Dkt. No. 8, Mot. at 6-7.)

On July 15, 2009, Tri-City contacted Innovative Care, Jen-Weld's utilization review company and agent, to obtain further authorization for the hospitalization of the patient. Later that same day, Tri-City received a telephone call from Patti at Innovative Care authorizing the patient's stay until July 20, 2009. (Id. at 7.) On September 18, 2008, Tri-City contacted Shasta and was informed for the first time that the claim was pending for a pre-existing condition. (Id.) Based on the authorization of treatment and verification of coverage provided to Tri-City by Jeld-Wen and its agents, Tri-City filed a Demand for Arbitration seeking reimbursement in accordance with the rates found in the Agreement. (Id.)

Around December 29, 2010, Defendant served a Demand for Arbitration ("Demand") with the American Arbitration Association ("AAA"). (Dkt. No. 8-2, Huezo Decl., Ex. A.) The Arbitration Demand stated the nature of the dispute as:

The claim for patient S.S. identified on the attached Exhibit 1 had been improperly denied and inappropriately unpaid pursuant to the Interplan agreement at 20% discount off billed charges due to pre-existing condition. However, services were authorized and patient's benefits were verified and no pre-existing condition exclusions were communicated. Interest has yet to be paid on this claim pursuant to Health and Safety ...

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