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Wonderland Nursery Goods Co., Ltd. v. Baby Trend, Inc.

United States District Court, Ninth Circuit

July 1, 2013

BABY TREND, INC., et al. Defendants. BABY TREND, INC., et al. Counterclaimants,
WONDERLAND NURSERY GOODS CO., LTD, Counterclaim Defendant.

H. H. (Shashi) Kewalramani, (Bar No. 262290) LEE, JORGENSEN, PYLE & KEWALRAMANI, PC, Tustin, CA, Attorneys for Defendants, Counter-Claimants Baby Trend, Inc., Denny Tsai, and Betty Tsai.

Michael J. Stimson, (Bar No. 224817) JONES DAY, Irvine, CA, Attorneys for Plaintiff, Counter-Claim Defendant Wonderland Nursery Goods, Co. Ltd.


JAY C. GANDHI, Magistrate Judge.

Plaintiff Wonderland Nurserygoods Co., Ltd. ("Plaintiff") and Defendants Baby Trend, Inc., Denny Tsai, and Betty Tsai ("Defendants") anticipate that documents, testimony, or information containing or reflecting confidential, proprietary, trade secret, and/or commercially sensitive information are likely to be disclosed or produced during the course of discovery, initial disclosures, and supplemental disclosures in this case and request that the Court enter this Order setting forth the conditions for treating, obtaining, and using such information.

Pursuant to Rule 26(c) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Court finds good cause for the following Agreed Protective Order Regarding the Disclosure and Use of Discovery Materials ("Order" or "Protective Order").


(a) Protected Material designated under the terms of this Protective Order shall be used by a Receiving Party solely for this case, and shall not be used directly or indirectly for any other purpose whatsoever.

(b) The Parties acknowledge that this Order does not confer blanket protections on all disclosures during discovery, or in the course of making initial or supplemental disclosures under Rule 26(a). Designations under this Order shall be made with care and shall not be made absent a good faith belief that the designated material satisfies the criteria set forth below. If it comes to a Producing Party's attention that designated material does not qualify for protection at all, or does not qualify for the level of protection initially asserted, the Producing Party must promptly notify all other Parties that it is withdrawing or changing the designation.


(a) "Discovery Material" means all items or information, including from any non-party, regardless of the medium or manner generated, stored, or maintained (including, among other things, testimony, transcripts, or tangible things) that are produced, disclosed, or generated in connection with discovery or Rule 26(a) disclosures in this case.

(b) "Outside Counsel" means (i) outside counsel who appear on the pleadings as counsel for a Party and (ii) partners, associates, and staff of such counsel to whom it is reasonably necessary to disclose the information for this litigation.

(c) "Patents-in-suit" means U.S. Patent Nos. 7, 600, 775 and 7, 625, 043, and any other patent asserted in this action, as well as any related patents, patent applications, provisional patent applications, continuations, and/or divisionals.

(d) "Party" means any party to this case, including all of its officers, directors, employees, consultants, retained experts, and outside counsel and their support staffs.

(e) "Producing Party" means any Party or non-party that discloses or produces any Discovery Material in this case.

(f) "Protected Material" means any Discovery Material that is designated as "CONFIDENTIAL, " or "CONFIDENTIAL - ATTORNEYS' EYES ONLY, " as provided for in this Order. Protected Material shall not include: (i) advertising materials that have been actually published or publicly disseminated; and (ii) materials that show on their face they have been disseminated to the public.

(g) "Receiving Party" means any Party who receives Discovery Material from a Producing Party.


The computation of any period of time prescribed or allowed by this Order shall be governed by the provisions for computing time set forth in Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 6.


(a) The protections conferred by this Order cover not only Discovery Material governed by this Order as addressed herein, but also any information copied or extracted therefrom, as well as all copies, excerpts, summaries, or compilations thereof, plus testimony, conversations, or presentations by Parties or their counsel in court or in other settings that might reveal Protected Material.

(b) Nothing in this Protective Order shall prevent or restrict a Producing Party's own disclosure or use of its own Protected Material for any purpose, and nothing in this Order shall preclude any Producing Party from showing its Protected Material to an individual who prepared the Protected Material.

(c) Nothing in this Order shall be construed to prejudice any Party's right to use any Protected Material in court or in any court filing with the consent of the Producing Party or by order of the Court.

(d) This Order is without prejudice to the right of any Party to seek further or additional protection of any Discovery Material or to modify this Order in any way, including, without limitation, an order that certain matter not be produced at all.


Even after the termination of this case, the confidentiality obligations imposed by this Order shall remain in effect until a Producing Party agrees otherwise in writing or a court order otherwise directs.


(a) Basic Principles. All Protected Material shall be used solely for this case or any related appellate proceeding, and not for any other purpose whatsoever, including without limitation any other litigation, patent prosecution or acquisition, patent reexamination or reissue proceedings, or any business or competitive purpose or function. Protected Material shall not be distributed, disclosed or made available to anyone except as expressly provided in this Order.

(b) Patent Prosecution Bar. Absent the written consent of the Producing Party, any person who receives one or more items designated "CONFIDENTIAL - ATTORNEYS' EYES ONLY" shall not be involved, directly or indirectly, in any of the following activities: (i) advising on, consulting on, preparing, prosecuting, drafting, editing, and/or amending of patent applications, specifications, claims, and/or responses to office actions, or otherwise affecting the scope of claims in patents or patent applications relating to the functionality, operation, and design of child car seats and/or strollers (generally or as described in any patent in suit), before any foreign or domestic agency, including the United States Patent and Trademark Office. These prohibitions shall begin when access to "CONFIDENTIAL - ATTORNEYS' EYES ONLY" materials are first received by the affected individual, and shall end two (2) years after the final resolution of this action, including all appeals.

(c) Secure Storage. Protected Material must be stored and maintained by a Receiving Party at a location and in a secure manner that ensures that access is limited to the persons authorized under this Order.

(d) Legal Advice Based on Protected Material. Nothing in this Protective Order shall be construed to prevent counsel from advising their clients with respect to this case based in whole or in part upon Protected Materials, provided counsel does not ...

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