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In re Roundup Products Liability Litigation

United States District Court, N.D. California

September 6, 2017




         It is hereby ORDERED and ADJUDGED, that:

         1. This Protective and Confidentiality Order (“Protective Order”) governing the disclosure of confidential, proprietary, and other protected or privileged information by any Party to this action is hereby entered.

         2. For purposes of this Protective Order, any Party may designate as “Confidential Material” any information regarded as confidential by the Party that is contained in any document, written discovery response, testimony, or other material produced or provided by that Party or its representative(s) to any other Party, whether provided voluntarily, pursuant to formal discovery procedures, or otherwise. Nonetheless, the Parties acknowledge that this Order does not confer blanket protections on all disclosures or responses to discovery and that the protection it affords from public disclosure and use extends only to the information or items that are entitled to confidential treatment under the applicable legal principles.

         3. Any Party may designate a document as Confidential Material by stamping it “Confidential, ” or “Subject to Protective Order.” All pages of any document that bear such a legend are subject to this Protective Order. The Party shall affix the stamp in such a manner so as not to obscure the text of the document.

         4. Due to the complexity of this action, which is estimated to involve millions of pages of documents, and to facilitate the flow of discovery material, at the time of initial production, the producing party may designate an entire document as “Confidential” if it believes in good faith that any part of the document is confidential or if the document falls within a category of documents that the designating party believes is likely to contain a large volume of Confidential material.

         5. After review, the receiving party may request that the producing party identify for specific documents (no more than 500 documents in a 30 day period) what parts of those documents are confidential. The challenge process described below in paragraph 16 may then be used to resolve any disputes as to those designations. If it comes to the designating party's attention that information or items that it designated for protection do not qualify for protection, that designating party must promptly notify all other Parties that it is withdrawing its mistaken designation.

         6. To the extent that information stored or recorded in the form of electronic or magnetic media (including information, files, databases, or programs stored on any digital or analog machine-readable device, computers, Internet sites, discs, networks, or tapes) (“Computerized Material”) is produced by any Party in such form, the producing Party may designate such materials as Confidential by marking the container in which the media is produced “Confidential.” For electronically stored information produced in native format, designation of documents as “Confidential” may be made in a produced metadata field or in the file name. Whenever any Party receives Computerized Material or documents produced in native format that have been designated as Confidential, if such Party reduces such material to hardcopy form, that Party shall mark the hardcopy form with the “Confidential” designation.

         7. If responses to interrogatories, requests for admission, or other written responses to discovery quote, summarize, or contain Confidential Material, the Parties may designate them as Confidential Material by marking the face of any such response with one of the legends set forth in paragraph (3) above and indicating the page and line references of the material that are to be subject to this Protective Order.

         8. A Party may designate the transcript of any deposition in this action or any portion thereof, including exhibits thereto, as Confidential Material by either so advising the court reporter and the Parties on the record during the taking of the deposition or within thirty (30) days after receipt of the deposition transcript by written designation served upon the Parties. If all or any portion of a deposition is designated as being subject to this Protective Order, the court reporter and any Parties possessing any transcripts shall label the cover page of each transcript or copy thereof to state that the deposition includes Confidential Material, and shall label as Confidential each of the pages of the transcript or exhibits that contain Confidential Material.

         9. Any production of any confidential or proprietary material will not result in or be construed as a waiver, in whole or in part, of (a) the producing Party's claims of confidentiality either as to the specific information disclosed or more generally as to the subject matter of the information disclosed, or (b) the party's right to later designate the material as Confidential pursuant to this Protective Order. In the event that a Party produces any Confidential Material without attaching one of the legends described in paragraph (3) above, the Party may subsequently designate the material as Confidential at any time by forwarding to the opposing Party copies of the material bearing one of the legends required by paragraph (3) and requesting that the opposing Party destroy all prior copies of the Confidential Material. Upon receipt of such a request, the opposing Party shall destroy all copies of the Confidential Material as originally produced and replace them with copies bearing the appropriate confidentiality legend.

         10. Written and oral communications between or among counsel for the Parties that refer to or discuss Confidential Material automatically shall be subject to this Protective Order.

         11. Confidential Material shall be treated by the Parties and their counsel as being confidential and private. Any copy made of Confidential Material shall have the same status as the original. The disclosure and use of Confidential Material shall be confined to the permissible disclosures and uses set forth below. Confidential Material shall be used (if otherwise relevant and admissible) solely for the litigation of this action, including any appeals, and for any other action brought by or on behalf of a former user of Monsanto glyphosate-containing products alleging injuries or other damages therefrom, so long as all parties are bound by and subject to another judicially approved protective and confidentiality order that is identical to or the substantial equivalent to this order and has been agreed to by Monsanto. In addition, before Confidential Material is shared with parties to other lawsuits or used for other lawsuits brought by or on behalf of a former user of Monsanto glyphosate-containing products alleging injuries or damages therefrom, the parties to the other action(s) also must have entered into an ESI protocol, protocol governing privilege logs, and protocol or agreement regarding the search and culling of data, including keyword search terms, or alternatively only to the extent that Monsanto has consented in writing. Confidential Material shall not be used for any other purpose without separate written agreement of the Party that produced the Confidential Information. All other disclosure and use of Confidential Material during the pendency of this action or after its termination are hereby prohibited. Nothing in this Protective Order, however, precludes Monsanto Company from making disclosures to government authorities to the extent that it is required to disclose Confidential Material by law.

         12. Confidential Material may be disclosed only to the following persons and only insofar as it is reasonably necessary to the effective ...

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